Other images in 8th Anniversary Party 2012

Speed Scrap: Parade

1. odd number of photos, one altered





2. any number of papers but must include brown and blue and a pattern











3. 8 embellies including lace and bling (sparkle, glitter, shiny, etc)




vehicles by Faith True Designs (2008!)








SNU_SSPaper_CurledTorn paper template









4. 8 sentences of journaling





Ian's first parade was at the King George fall festival. It was a good one for keeping kids interested because most of the parade participants threw candy. Ian was very much in the moment though. He did not run to grab as much as possible like the other kids. He picked up one candy, asked me what it was, tasted it cautiously, and then either spit it out or savored it. He went home with very little candy, but he tried many new kinds. He also caught a plastic football, which he ended up giving to another boy and he studied rocks on the road. I think he saw many interesting sights pass by too.





5. a title with more than 1 font


LDJ OldTypeface and LDJ Mothers Typewriter





6. last minute touches tweaks and shadows, upload in anniv. gallery by 11pm



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You nailed this. You really put a lot of thought into this - everything is grouped so well. Great job! I like your use of the banner, and how you framed a part of your title.

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You were brave tackling this many photos in a Speed Scrap! It works, though! I love how you framed the word parade and I still can't get over how clever you were using a shoe lace for lace, lol!

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Wow, this came out great. Love your photos and how you used the frame and I really like your torn page. Enjoyed your journaling, too.

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Michele what a wonderful layout - I love your large black and white blended photo, your journaling AND all of your fun parade photos!

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The b&w makes a great background. This looks like a lovely day. I really like your parade of embellishments across the top.

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