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Mess or Masterpiece - Matty

Mess or Masterpiece - Matty

I was doing OK with my bits, when I was testing the random folders generated, until I got to my photo. This photo was taken for Matty to upload into a game, to create a character that looked like him. He made me promise not to scrap it, oh dear! :newangel:

I got
LLO_BoyJoy_Paper_Boys Color




    Yes, you got a great selection of elements there! Maybe swap out the photo for another and you'll be ready to print!
    LOVE this Valerie - you did a great job. I hope I didn't jinx you when I said I hope you don't get a boy photo with all that pink! :)
    Thanks to you and Jode for a wonderful and FUN chat! :)
    Awesome job with all of that pink and he does look a little like a prisoner LOL!
    Great job. Only if he was smiling. Guess he doesn't like pink. :) Great job, way to make it work.
    Wow! You did get lucky, Valerie - this IS a masterpiece for sure!
    True you don't have to print it, you can switch out for a more "girly" photo and you are ready to go. Your other items all went together so well.
    This went together well! Thanks for a fun chat and challenge
    Now I wouldn't have thought those sweet pink papers would work with the photo of your strapping young man but in some odd way the pinks of Matty's skin and the background papers sort of work. OK, he's not going to love it. Best not to show it to him!
    Matty may not be happy, but you did a great job. The grungy alpha really makes it masculine! Sorry I couldn't participate in this. It looks like so much fun. Next time!
    I like the way you made this page with all those girly colors and elements and yet kept it still looking masculine with the alpha.