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Mess or Masterpiece Challenge

Mess or Masterpiece Challenge

Oi this was fun and daunting at the same time. I have photos in 3 places, Lightroom, Apperture, and iPhoto. So I looked in all 3 places and found a photo that would kinda work.



I used a lens flare brush and put the flare on the top of the waterway

    Way to make this work. Creativity has served you well. I'm glad you decided to add the journaling. It really helps make your photo and title work! WELL DONE!!
    journaling definitely made the page...fun challenge, huh?
    Masterpiece! For sure! You are just so darned creative and I love the way this worked! Great photo and I love how you've placed everything so beautifully!
    Great job!
    Yep, masterpiece. Great job with your ingredients. Thanks for joining the challenge and coming to the chat.
    How interesting! This layout shows that you are the master. Nothing got out of hand here! I'm not sure that I would have taken this photo but it really is amazing... I'm going out to re-look at my world. Thanks for reminding me the interesting is often in the detail. Lovely work.
    Great use of your ingredients and your journaling makes it special
    You certainly got a hotch potch Andrea! I like the way you managed to pull those papers together wth that alpha and t works! The journalling and that photo own this page, but I like how you included everything, and I LOOKED for the lens flare! Well done, thanks for being part of our chat and challenge!
    Love your title. You put it all togther beautifully!
    Cool photo and layout, Andrea!