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Time Flies Fast (Mess or Masterpiece)

Ok I admit it, I lucked out getting all fall colored items although I'm not sure I'd pick these to go together on my own, especially the container of metal staples and the photo I got would not have been chosen for a single photo page but I did what I could to savage the page so I didn't waste my time scrapping it. Hope you like it. May not be a Masterpiece, but not a total mess either.



no blending modes..(overlay, softlight)

no color changes of paper/emb

can add journaling

no styles except shadows

no extra items but can duplicate items

every item must be visible

you can change photo to B&W,sepia or crop it


I kept my search in picasa to only ScrapGirl products which are made up of mostly freebies so I had to be creative with counting (most folders had only one item...so I went to the right number of folder then from theire counted items in that folder and those that followed til I got to the right number). Since I tag by item type, I ended up getting 2 items from the same kit by chance, but then I don't have very many alphas...LOL


1. paper folder 4 ppr 7



2. paper folder 27 paper 10



3 paper folder 52 paper 3



1 emb folder 9 emb 3

SG_Angiebriggs_Bec auseOfYou_Emb (4)


2 emb folder 22 emb 9



3 emb folder 49 emb 40



4 emb folder 17 emb 32



5 emb folder 56 emb 32



1 alpha 13

Industrial Strength_Alpha_Sheet


1 brush set 6



1 photo folder 15 photo 29

03-0816 Owen at Lincoln Park


© &copy debikins

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Awesome! Gosh, I'd think this was all planned as beautifully as it turned out! Amazing how that reflector works so well with your photo! Gorgeous!

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I think it's a Masterpiece :) I love how it pulls you in and makes you really look at the detail involved. Great Layout!

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This is an amazing trick of smoke and mirrors. The angle of your photo is so interesting. It took some time for me to decide that the shiny object was part of a slide and not a reflection of your son. I like the repetition of the circules in teh slide post and teh wall clock. Nice work.

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I love the angle of the photograph, I probably wouldn't pick it as a 1 pager either, but the way you've used it is really eye catching.

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REALLY cool page, Deb! I love how it came out and I really like the motion in the page. Great work!

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I like the colours you ended up with, they work well with the slide picture! Your title looks great there and the leaves poking out add to the dimension of the photo... and I liked the paperclips - they go well with the metallic slide, thanks for joining the challenge!!!

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Very creative page! I like the way you cropped your photo and wrote the title on the railing of the slide. Very interesting perspective on the photo! The title goes very well with the month/clock element and your picture. Your placement of his name and the date are inspired! This is a masterpiece!

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