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lol...well the pieces seemed to fit together much better this time around, until I got to the photo of my son in a bright green shirt and construction-worker orange hardhat. Not to mention all the "girly" colors to go with my little construction worker! :giggle_bear: What he doesn't know won't hurt him...right?

Scrap Girls:
*Folder 15 Photo 29
*Folder 4 Paper 7--ACA_SSPaper_Earthy_Special (used on the ribbon role);
*Folder 27 Paper 10--JCO_Super7_JoCorne_Paper_Music (used on the ribbon role);
*Folder 52 Paper 3--SBA_Juliet_PaperSpecial_TuxedoPink;
*Folder 9 Emb 13--AFT_OHD_Emb_Torn_Spcl;
*Folder 22 Emb 9--EBA_SSEmb_PaperRollsWraps_9;
*Folder 49 Emb 40--MRE_DynBrushSet_Emb_SPECIAL;
*Folder 17 Emb 32--CCR_SafariTime_Special-frame;
*Folder 56 Emb 32--SBA_SSEmbTemp_Cloud9_Special;
*Alpha Set 13--JRE_HereComesSun_Alpha_2_lowercase_j;
*Brush Set 6--BMU_BrushSet_Swirlicious_Special;

font: Font Garden--FG Cathie's Hand

    This is so cute and look how beautifully all of your pieces go together! I love it! Your colors all just go so well together!
    Lovely colours, goes so well together! Clever idea to change the photo to B&W
    The colours go really well together, B & W works wonderfully. A masterpiece for sure. Thanks for coming to the chat and joining the challenge.
    You weren't fazed by this cahllenge at all! Everything works so well together, I'd believe you if you told me you used a template. Nice work!
    Nice job! It does look good!!
    NAhhh.... I think it looks great together and I really like how you used the photo. Wonderful job putting all your pieces together - cute page! :)
    I agree with everyone. It looks great and all the embellishments look good with the photo. good job pulling it all together.
    I am laughing because Valerie also got pink items for her sons photo! This looks so good - if you said nothing I would have just assumed a little girl with a pony tail... :-) Brilliant idea to turn the photo black and white, this really looks great! Thanks for taking part :-)
    Monica I love what you have done with your M or M items --- I love the way you have arranged everything AND how you turned your precious "construction workers" photo black and white, love it!
    That's too funny!