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My Mess or Masterpiece

This is probably the best turn-out for me. I really didn't get any crazy stuff this time, which actually makes it more fun. I would have liked a prettier picture of my niece Emma, but it's fitting that I got a picture of a newborn photo of her, as it's her 13th birthday today! Supplies:


SG_ANarrative Alpha

DEB_Chinoiserie_Paper_4 (I clipped this paper to the frame)




KSC_BeauteBotan_PprSupMini_BlueFlrl (I used my magic wand to select and erase the blue middle, but I clipped the blue middle to the brush)





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Elisha, you did a fabulous job of putting your pieces together - this is truly a masterpiece! Wonderful that the pieces worked so well together! Darling photos!

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I thought this was a newsletter layout! What a wonderful outcome... I must learn to file better like you!!!! Thanks for joining in Elisha!

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Elisha I love what you have done with your M or M items --- this is definitely a Masterpiece, I love the way you placed your embellishments AND framed Emma's precious baby photos!

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