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M OR M --- I think we all know which

I had so much fun in this chat --- thanks Jody & Valerie --- I'm really not sure that the designers want me to list their products I used AND April please don't ban me for posting this, Jody & Valerie made me do it --- they're the ones that picked photo folder #15 :rolleyes:


I'll give a little background on this photo - every year my dh does a "special" Christmas card with a poem for all the hunting camp guys and I create a 4 x 6 mini album --- well last year he wanted to say it doesn't amount to a ****hole in the snow AND wanted me to take this photo to showcase his saying --- that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Ok here are the products I used ---- sorry designers:

Refresh Paper 2 from Durin Eberhart

Bon Appetite Paper from Brandy Murry

Day To Day Life Paper AND Alpha from Angie Briggs

Cooking 2 Brush Special from Mandy Steward

Metro Dude Special Bracket from Amanda Fraijo-Tobin

Always & Forever Rose Petal from Kerry Veale

Scrap Girls Spring Collection Biggie Crochet Ribbon

Baby Chronicles Blue Cereal from Brandy Murry

Citrus Splash Refreshing WordArt from Syndee Nuckles


Thanks For Looking!

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My sides are starting to ache from all the laughing, very funny photo and great use of your alpha.:lol: Thanks for joining the chat and challenge.

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Well, the crocheted flowers sure add a great touch to your layout and story! I like the brackets frame! Mess? Masterpiece? Your story is a masterpiece for sure!

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So funny! You've just got to love the crotcheted flowers to go with the "Boys will be boys and so will men" theme!

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SO funny Sherry and I"m sure glad to see that pic after all the talk about it! Great page and I think it looks wonderful. Had lots of fun at the chat with you..

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HAHAHA.... We are innocent I say, innocent!! And I don't think the photo is that bad! Mine was far worse, hence not posted! You really got some odd ingredients but you worked well with them... I love that button!! And wonderful use of the word 'refreshing'. Thanks for regaling us with the story and giving us lots of laughs at the chat!

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LOL! Great that you do this for your husband. My husband is a hunter too, and takes lots of pictures, but I have done anything with them. Hmmmmm - another scrapping category!! Great job with the challenge.

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