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Mess or masterpiece 20121018 Peter's 60th

I love that the picture is me presenting my father in law with a scrapbook I'd made for his 60th birthday. The first two papers were positive as both had red, but the pink one through me. The Christmas folder was nice as a present fitted the theme. The brush folder was helpful as I discovered I haven't loaded several.













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This looks like a Masterpiece to me, Kate! Lovely job on putting all those different pieces together.. Great layout.

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I thinks you did really well, I like how you used the frame, and the strips of paper. A masterpiece I think. Thanks for joining the challenge.

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Pink with red would throw anyone, I like how you separated them by using the light paper... love the synchroncity of scrapping a page about scrapping and the present in regard to a present... you did well to get so many tricky items onto one page, this looks really good, thanks for joing in the chat and challenge!

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You made a lovely page with your diverse collection of materials. I like the little present, the frame slanted on the photo and the great journaling.

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Kate what a great job with did with your m or m items --- I love the present embellishment, your journaling AND the way you framed your precious photo of you and Peter!

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