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Mess/Masterpiece? 10-18-12

Mess/Masterpiece? 10-18-12

I did my best with figuring out those Brushes...(the frame behind Bentley s photos and mata

This was Bentley before he went into have his front claws removed October 16, 2012

    Great job on the brushes, Jeanne and I really like how your page came out - you managed to make all those pieces come together quite well!
    WAY TO MAKE IT WORK!!!!!! So creative with that frame. Fantastic job with what you had to work with
    I like how you made this work, with those frames. Great work with the papers too. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    I had problems with my brushes as well. I hadn't installed many of mine, including the one selected and for some reason it didn't show up when I installed it. Here's to perseverance :)
    Very, very clever way to use the frames along the side. You did a great job with the challenge!
    Well this is a first hehehe. I hear a lot of pets named Molly (same as my daughter) but I've never heard of a pet named Bentley (the name of my oldest son!) How cool :)

    Way to make the mess/masterpiece TOTALLY work!!
    Great page Jeanne! Bentley is beautiful - he looks a lot like the cat we used to have.
    I like that you made a page about Bentley using all the difficult items you ended up with! You got the brushes installed, well done! Tricky using the photo frames with only one photo but you made it work... same with the brushes... thanks for joining the chat and challenge!
    What a great job with did with your m or m items - I love the way you did his name AND the banner frame around Bentley's handsome photo!
    great job!