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Honest Reflections

Honest Reflections

I've been wanting to do something with these pictures from a trip to Logan, OH for a while now. I ended up merging 2 pics together to get the bird in this one. And a lot of blending and masking and a few techniques that were new to me. I guess there is a lot going on here but it reflects what's going on inside me sometimes.

Supplies include: TCO_EarthVessel (Paper), STI_Joyous (Alpha), BMU_BackPorch (paper), BMU_Coastal (Emb), JRE_SS_HereComesSun_Texture and BMU_SSCal_Blenders. TFL.

Journaling reads: "sometimes the external stuff gets to me but when i take some time to reflect on what is really going on, some internal discord is revealed. it's usually not too pretty but out in the open, it's a bit easier to deal with. honest reflection is always helpful."

    This caught my eye right away Dianne! It looks like you did a great job of blending the photos together. I just love how peaceful and serene it looks!
    I've been doing a word study on "peace" and this just grabbed my eye! You have done a beautiful merging the 2 photos ... and your new techniques have created such a serene layout. I do love this.
    This is such a beautiful and peaceful layout. I didn't realise at first look that you'd merged two pictures.
    What a lovely piece of artwork. I hope you are going to print it out and hang it on the wall!
    Great photo merging! Doing stuff like this was really helped me to learn my way around the computer software...great way to stretch those skills!
    You really did some neat blending and your saying is very thoughtful!
    Wow! This is really beautiful!
    Really fabulous. The blending work and pictures are stunning and the journaling is really beautiful! TFS!!!