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Mess or Masterpiece Chat


© Sue Maravelas

Mess or Masterpiece Chat

Boy, did I have fun with this! It tickled my funny bone to make a Christmas wreath using blue leaves, corks on a rope, an Air Force button, a purple ribbon, and a chain frame.

"Tiny tots, with their eyes all aglow, will find it hard to sleep tonight. They know that Santa's on his way..."
The Christmas Song by Lionel Richie

We weren't very tiny, but you can tell by the excitement in our eyes that we knew Santa was on his way! Christmas 1962

Life Montage - Paper - Special Freebie (frame/mat for picture)
Coastal Collection Biggie by Brandy Murry (plank background paper)
The Messenger Collection Biggie by Jen Reed (notebook paper)
Blue Collection Biggie by Brandy Murry (blue leaves)
Shabby Shores Collection Mini by Cindy Rohrbough (cork and rope)
My Father's Eyes Collection by Jen Reed (chain frame)
Military: Airmans' Creed Collection Mini by Jen Reed (button)
Eat Cake Birthday Boy Collection Biggie by Jen Reed (ribbon)
A New Day Collection Mini Alpha by Jen Reed (title)
Brush Set:Artists Toolbox by Syndee Nuckles (gray smear under names on photo)

    Wow! Yours turned out AWESOME!!!!!
    Amazing work on that wreath, I'm seriously impressed. A real masterpiece. Thanks for joining the challenge.
    That is a great layout, well done on making the embellishments look Christmasy
    Oh wow... I am speechless! I knew you had neutral papers but this is a seriously wonderful page.... the wreath is just awesome... you pieced it all together so intricately and wonderfully... never would have thought of that... the colours work so well, and I love that you have more of those scanned Xmas photos, I love them! So beautiful and truly a masterpiece.... thanks for taking part :-)
    Incredible LO and an absolutely wonderful photo!!!
    Wonderful photo and page, Sue! Love the wood background and great journaling.
    well you lucked out with a wreath and a christmas photo...you did marvelously
    You did an awesome job with this! It turned out perfect with your photo! I sure hope I can participate if they ever do this challenge again. It looks like a lot of fun!
    Great photo to remember. Well done page. Love how you tucked the photo into the wreath.
    Sweet photo and you are so cute! Looks like a masterpiece to me! :)