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Lucky Dip Challenge!

Lucky Dip Challenge!

Oh my! Oh my! What a big mess I've made! I thought I would surely just curl up and die! This layout, this layout, would not come together and no matter, no matter, everything scattered! I put it away, came back, had a look - this layout, this layout, this challenge I took! The pieces were there, they aren't hard to find - but they all just did not have something in kind! So I closed tight my eyes, put my fingers in gear, and this is what happened....oh, my...oh dear! :) :)
Oops! And there's a bow, there's a bow, there's a raffia bow!
SNU Flea Market
Ro - Flower Brush
RSC Digital Stickers
LLA Together Collection
JRE The Messenger
JRA Spooksville
EBA Rosie Posie
BMU The Story
AFT Life Montage
ACA Opposites Attract

    Wow creative words :D I know what you mean about it coming together. I must go to bed it is after midnight, but I wanted to get something that I could pick up and complete tomorrow... we'll see how I feel about it after some sleep.


    I'm still laughing the second time I've read it
    Oh Sara, it is wonderful!!! You know what? I didn't think it looked crowded or busy even though you got it all on there... it looks like a wonderful autumn ATC! The pumpkin man steals the show but I also love your blending and that string binding it all together.... I don't think it is a mess and I think you did a great job with your Lucky Dip items, thanks for joining us! Oh and I LOVE yur poem!!
    Oh Sara - how cute! Just fun fun fun - great job, not crowded at all my dear. And I LOVE your rhyming! Just stunning!
    This is so fun Sara! Wonderful colors and fun embellishments and I just love your poetry!! ;)
    This is fantastic, Sara! And love your poem:)
    You are definitely the resident poet here Sara - LOVE this! Wonderful job with the page and the poem. The punkin' guy is too, too perfect, teehee!
    Haha...love it Sara!
    What a clever poet you are!!! This looks such a fun piece of art.
    Fantastic, Sara, I love it. Love your poem and the creative way you put it all together, it doesn't look cluttered at all. Thank you for helping make the chat fun and joining the challenge. My sides still ache after all the laughing.
    This just made me :D