Other images in 8th Anniversary Party 2012

Anniversary Slow Scrap Challenge

Task 1:

4 papers from Brandy Murray's Blessed Be Collection.

Task 2:


Task 3:

1. SNU_FrenchMarket Clip

2. BMU_Ephemera Brad set

3. KME_Terra Staple Set

4. KME_Terra Staple Set

Task 4:



3.MRE_WellLoved Collection EmbMetal




7.ABL_Naturalist Journal Feather

8.PWR_Durango Feather


SNU_SSTools_Styles_CrackleTexture6301 (On BMU_BlessedBe Curl Paper)





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Simply gorgeous, Lei! Wonderful earth tones and lovely photo. I really like the use of the feather, the curled paper and the compass. Fantastic composition! Wonderfully done, as always.

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I love those colours, and your cluster in the corner. I love your photo too. Thanks so much for joining the challenge.

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So pretty and peaceful Lei. Lovely photo and I really LOVE how you put your background together and the colors you used.

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Lei great job on the slow scrap - I love the papers you used, the filled out photo record embellishment, your clustering AND I love the way you framed and tucked your beautiful lighthouse photo behind the paper!

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Great layout, Lei. I like the flowers in the clip, the alpha you chose for your date, and the "photo record" embellishment. It's all so neat together!

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