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Sketch Chat

Sketch Chat

Finally finished my sketch layout :)

Pictures from the Color Run

I don’t remember how I first heard about The Color Run, but I knew I wanted to participate! As word spread around Facebook, more dates and cities were added to the Color Run 2012 schedule, including a race here in St. Louis! Even though I wasn’t a runner, I signed up immediately; I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by. On race day, I donned my pristine white race attire and headed downtown with Holly, Jenoa, and Danna. Many of the teams were decked out in colorful accessories – boas, hats, socks, tutus, capes, etc. During the race, we passed through “color zones” at each kilometer marker. Colored cornstarch flew through the air and landed on our white shirts like colorful badges of honor. At the finish line, participants gathered for one last bit of colorful fun – everyone tossed packets of colored cornstarch into the air, letting it rain down like a rainbow explosion! It was hard to find an uncolored spot on our bodies or clothes. The Color Run was the most exciting, colorful, and happiest 5k that I have every participated in. I am already looking forward to next year!

Paint Sheers Embellishments
ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie
Pure White Paper
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Translucent Brights 13001 Biggie
Count The Ways Embellishment Mini
A New Me Collection
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Glowing Stained Glass 6401 Super Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

    Wow, Tiza, I can almost feel the excitement after reading your journaling and looking at those great pics! What fun that 5K must have been! I loved your journaling and your layout is great with the colorful paint sheers! Super layout!
    What a cool idea - a color run and you created a wonderful layout, Theresa! Your photos are so bright and vivid I can feel the excitement. You picked the perfect background for your page and colored it so beautifully! I really enjoyed your great journaling. Super work! :)
    perfect bg paper and awesome journaling
    Theresa what a wonderful layout - I love your journaling, your background paper AND all of your fantastic color run photos, congratulations AND WTG on completing the 5k!
    Fun times. Great photos and arrangement. These really were great to use with the sketch. well done.
    Nice job with the sketch, Theresa. I like how you incorporated all of the colors in the background.
    What an absolute blast! I love your background - perfect choice! I also really like the arrows leading the eyes across the page and the shoe embellies.
    Wow - in that last photo, the cornstarch looks like fog. The sneaker is such a cute embellishment. Love your background - perfect for this layout.