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Cheap Halloween Costumes

My daughters loved costumes, especially for Halloween. However, there were a few years when we could not afford to buy complete costumes (and they weren't as readily available then, either.) So my two princesses were dressed in old sheets & sheer curtains, dyed in the washing machine. Their crowns were cardboard and gold paper. I may have bought a pattern - just one, as they were close in size. A few years later, remnants of the curtains became butterfly wings. I think I colored the pattern pieces with markers, and then stitched the layers together, enclosing wire in the stitches for rigidity. The witch's hat was cardboard covered with black fabric from the remnant table at the fabric store, and her wig was leftover yarn from a hat I knit for DH. I did have to buy the reflective tape. Don't remember where we got the broom.


A few years later, I made a clown costume for Karin, using sheets again; I tie-dyed the fabric in pink, orange and purple. The "buttons" were pompoms made from varigated yarn in the same colors, left over from Mari's sweater. More pompoms made the "hair" on a skull cap sewn from an old T-shirt. That outfit saw several Halloweens - once, and maybe twice for Karin, then for Mari, and then it went to my sister to wear during the celebration at the preschool where she taught. Unfortunately, we have no photos of this costume. Recycling rules!



ASO_Eventide_Paper_purple, with linear light blend at 60% over TYO_WitchsBrew_Paper_Black Sky (retired);

SNU_JIF6_Hex- PhotoFrame2 with ASO_SSStyle_Wire-lead;

SNU_SSStyle_Glitter Edge - "Cheap";


SNU_JIF6_Hex_Flower Clusters 1 & 2;

BMU_Hallows Eve_Emb_Pumpkin;

BMU_Hallows Eve Alpha 2 & Pennant Alpha Orange

Fonts: 2 Peas Fancy Free; Ain't Nothing Fancy with EHI_SSStyle_Bevel (retired) -journaling;

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Absolutely fascinating story to read and I love your creativity! What adorable costumes! Those butterfly wings are just beautiful and I can only imagine you (like I remember myself doing) sitting there trying to get these finished in time for Halloween - oh, and the squeals of delight you must have gotten from your children! Fabulous story and wonderful layout!

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This is a wonderful page that I'm sure your children will appreciate for their memories and the effort you put in to their costumes that they may not have realised at the time. I hope when my children are old enough I'm as creative and imaginative.

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A fun, creative layout . . . and I agree . . . those kind of costumes are the best. And you did a great job on the costumes too, btw.

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Awesome costumes and page! The butterfly is just the coolest thing:) The purple and orange look great together; love the scene you've made with the background.

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