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Friday Challenge 10/19/12 - Birth Month

Friday Challenge 10/19/12 - Birth Month

Iím a Leo, born in August. I LOVE Peridot. I love the sun. Did I mention that I love Peridot? I see a flash of Peridot in a jewelry store, and I stop in my tracks Ė I must bask in that golden-green glow. I donít have a lot of Peridot, but still, a girl can look, canít she? Look and dream. (I actually donít like the end result of this page Ė I hope to have the time to do it over in another way. The placement of items just doesnít feel right.)

Paper Supplies:


Styles: Glass and Metals

Shapes: Circle and Sun

Peridot extraction from Advertisement
Card: Antique Star chart of Leo constellation

    Great page! I love the overall arrangement and the gemstones around the page. Beautiful colors too. Thanks for participating in the challenge!
    I'm also a Leo. great page. I love the way your 'dangled' the star sign.