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Timeless Photographs

Timeless Photographs

This collection is so perfect for those "Timeless Photographs".
Flea Market Collection Biggie
Flea Market Paper Super Mini
Flea Market Word Art Mini
JIF Plus: Flea Market

    Gorgeous layout, Joyce! Love, love, love these photos of you and your Mother! The beautiful torn patterned papers with the cluster border and lace/eyelet is stunning!
    I just donít know how you are able to fill a page with SO much and make it look so breath-taking. I think you should give classes.

    How nice to see a LO of you with your mother. Like most people who seem to be the one responsible for capturing lifeís moments with a camera, you are rarely in any of them. You have such a special relationship with her, so Iím terrible glad to see the two of you captured together.

    I love the colors you usedóblue, black, and cream.