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Waverley Paddle Steamer


Hilary Locke

Waverley Paddle Steamer

The LHS of this 2-pager was done for the sketch challenge in the 8th anniversay celebration. I have nudged things around slightly since the original but essentially it is the same. TFL

Photograph of Waverley from Internet

    Ooooh - I love the composition of your page! Beautiful photos and I just love the placement of things! Great title work and perfect little embellies!
    Oh, this is just lovely Hliary! I remember the first page and loved and and you did a wonderful job of expanding it. Gorgeous photos and I like how you did your journaling. Well done and pretty too! :D
    The way you laid this page out caught my attention right away. I love the faded photo on the mostly white page. Excellent job!
    Wonderful photos! I love the white background with the deep blues and the diary looks wonderful on the page. Looks like a great trip!
    Are you a professional in designing travel pamphlets? :) I love your entire composition. Your blending is beautifully done and I love the way you placed the titles. Easy for the eyes to follow. I enjoy seeing diaries on pages....looks like you enjoyed a wonderful trip!