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Piece of my Heart


© Amy Sauke

Piece of my Heart

My 91 year old Grandma and her needlework are so precious to me...here she's handquilting a quilt for my nephew. I struggled with how much detail to put in about this particular quilt and chose instead to highlight the whole concept of her needlework rather than just this project. Thanks for looking!


    How lovely. I like the vibrant blue and yellow. Great photo of your Grandma - she's so full of joy. Love the close up too.
    I like how you have used the close up of her hand sewing for this page... lovely and bright with the use of the dark blue and bright yellow because of the fabric she is sewing.
    So great that you got pics of G-Grandma quilting! Special memories for many years....love the BG...really shows off the quilt she is sewing. Excellent page.

    Wonderful LO. The page is very well done. I love the close-up of her hand as she quilts.
    A sweet layout, and well done. Great memories for you and reminders of quilting with my grandmother.
    What a great idea to photograph your Gram's hands actually quilting! Love the blending.