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Awesome Guy

This is a card that I made for my husband's birthday, inspired by today's freebie. The inside reads," Even a shattered femur does not slow you down! Awesome indeed."

Poster Art Special by Keri Schueller

BMU_Autumn Jewel

BMU_DynBrush_Background Blenders

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Oh wow, this is great! I love how you recolored the freebie to match, and the styling of the word art is perfect too! Wow, he is one dedicated man!

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Lovely card - and wonderful sentiment. I love that light oak leaf on the light background, and I love that your DH is mowing the lawn with a crutch. I think I just may print this and post it on *my* refrigerator for inspiration. (for my DH, that is! ) :hit-head-with-hammer:

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What a perfect card for Del. I know he will get a good laugh out of it (or at least a big smile!). I’m so glad you got some photos while he was being ‘Pegleg’. No, nothing seems to slow the EB down—LOL. Perfect blending and very manly, as well as fall, colors. I see someone else purchased Brandy’s Autumn Jewel Style . . .

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Del is amazing! What a wonderful card for his birthday. LOL to Amy's idea to print it to provide inspiration to her own DH;)

(Btw, when Jeff had his bicycle accident and his clavicle/scapula/rib fracture in late March, I had to mow for the first time in my life. Jeff took back over as soon as he could - but I put my foot down and wouldn't let him mow while still in the sling - I found out how hard it is to turn the corners sometimes and didn't think he could do it without jarring/using the bad arm.) Del is certainly determined!

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