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What Noise Annoys an Oyster?


Hilary Locke

What Noise Annoys an Oyster?

I hope you'll indulge me for this one. I recently went to a sea shanty festival and the couple featured in the LO were singing this tune. It amused me so much that I had to find the lyrics and scrap them. It was published in 1921 and might be one of the last music hall comedy songs. Hope you can find time to read the words and perhaps have a go at saying the chorus - it really tests one's diction!

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Singing oyster is from the internet

    hahahaha! You're right - the chorus does test one's diction! I LOVE it! Wish I knew how it went so I could really sing it! Fabulous! Fabulous! They look as if they could really belt it out! Wonderful layout!
    How fun! Don't know the real tune, but I've got one going in my head --- especially, "but a noisy noise annoys an oyster more!" Great LO.
    Very fun song. Love the oyster. Sounds like a great time.
    Cute layout. I love the little oyster embellishment,perfect for the page.
    What a fabulous layout! I actually know this song, I had a teacher in school that had us sing it in choir if you can believe it. Your layout suits it so incredibly well. TFS!!!