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Gulf Coast Rainbow-October 2012

Gulf Coast  Rainbow-October 2012

I have been away for a little while. I took pictures last week of a rainbow that was unbelievably large over the Gulf Coast in Florida.
I also scrap lifted one of Brandy Murry's beautiful lay outs in her coastal collection.

    Wow, the colors coming off the water are incredible. Really Beautiful!
    Stunning!!! Great photo, and a beautiful treatment, this page has given me inspiration for some photos I've recently taken. Scrap lift of a scrap lift??
    This caught my eye in the gallery - it looks so calm and peaceful/ Love the colors.
    So beautiful - gorgeous blending.
    I have similar photographs from the coast in my collection but never thought to scrap them in this manner. It's striking and so original.
    Lovely page!
    Lovely layout - love the colors of the rainbow through the grass on the beach! Gorgeous layout!
    ABsolutely fantastic!
    Thank you to all of you for your comments. i respect each and everyone of you and the work you do on your layouts, so thank you.
    Absolutely beautiful. That rainbow is fantastic and looks just gorgeous through the grasses on the beach. Great blending too.