Concert on a Cruise

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The kids' kindy year-end concert was held on a small cruise ship this year. For us mammarazzi, that meant cramped quarters and unconducive lighting, but for the kids, it was what our principal termed a 'positive childhood experience'. Neko-chan doesn't look very 'positive' in these photos and definitely not all smiles like his sister on stage, but he really did have fun.


Oh by the way, the brolly ain't a dance prop - it was drizzling lightly that morning, so this mammarazzi seized the chance to snap one of Neko-chan posing with it. =)

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Neko-chan is a cute little boy!! And a concert on a cruise ship sounds like a fun experience for the performers and the audience. I like your use of primary colors for this layout. The paper wave behind the photos adds a nice flow to the page. Great layout!

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