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Thursday 10-4-12 Challenge -- Pumpking Carving

The New York Botanical Garden has a pumpkin carving every year. This past Saturday they started to carve an 1827 pound pumpkin. It wasn't finished when I was there, but it will be on display until the end of the month so I'll get some photos then. But they had carved a lot of other pumpkins and I took lots of photos. These are just a few of the ones that I really liked. I used one collection, but since it didn't have a butterfly in it I had to pull one from another collection.




JZI Corn Maze Collection -- Papers-Stripe and Solid Yellow, Crows, Alphas

EB Autumn Joy Collection -- Butterfly

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Yours is the first LO in the Gallery using one of my collections! :) I love the striped edge and the arrangement of your photos.

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That is so cool. Love your background papers and alphas and how you bordered the photos. Your photos are great. What an awesome event!

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Neat photos & this is a neat collection for them, the colors work really well. Neat title & you'd never know the butterfly was a ringer.

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