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Jenrou_Chocolate Tiffin

Jenrou_Chocolate Tiffin

I was reading the books by Aaron Fletcher about the Outback, and wondered what Tiffin was. They ate it everyday. Evidently it is the afternoon or evening meal. In the book, they ate two meals a day. Tiffin could include different dishes. This is a tiffin recipe I found that looks great! Maybe not exactly a quick bread, but a quick recipe. I've read those books several times over the years and love reading about the Outback.

Do they still call the meal Tiffin?


Recipe from web
Mongolian biati font

    mmm I've never heard of this before but the title and your photo make me really want to try it. Great looking card
    I better get a recipe done, so I can get this great recipe to try. Beautiful card!
    YUMMY! This looks delicious & I'll have to try this one too :dancingelephant:
    This recipe sounds DELICIOUS! Love chocolate ... won't last long around my house!
    Chocolate...what's not to love?
    This looks decadent! I love the "chocolate" colors in your card. :)
    Oh my, those layers of chocolate look soo good. Do you really have to cut it so many pieces???
    Wow, how interesting Jean - I was glad to read about this. Your card is so pretty - I like seeing a photo and the recipe sounds yummy and easy to make. I like the colors you used - just perfect! :)
    This does look decadent. I enjoyed the bit of story about your card and I really like how you did the title.
    Ooooh, how could this be anything but wonderful!? I love the card - easy to read and the colors are perfect!