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Thursday Oct 25 - Casa Loma











Sir Henry Pellatt and his wife Lady Pellatt

began construction on Casa Loma - Hill House

- in 1911. It took 3 years and 3.5 million dollars

to complete. The largest private residence in

Canada,the house includes 98 rooms, an

elevator, electric lights, and five acres of


Pellatt joined the Queens

Own Rifles of Canada as a

rifleman and rose through

the ranks to become the

Commanding Officer. Lady

Pellatt hosted annual Girl

Guide rallies on the grounds.




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Gorgeous photos and compostition and I love the soft green background and blending you used.. I also really like the hanging heart and your title. Great layout.

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What a neat building! Great photos of the details. The dangling heart is a lovely touch. Thanks for sharing the interesting history, too.

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What an interesting house - would not look out of place in a gothic horror movie. REally like the arrangement of photos and the blended pic in the bg.

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I love your photos and the blending! Great embellies, too. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. I wonder if Sir Henry and Lady Pellatt ever got lost in it?

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I went to Casa Loma several years ago, and I always chuckle when I watch the xmen film because they filmed the interior shots of Xavier's school there. They have lessons under the beautiful stain glass ceiling.

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Once travelling on business I was in Toronto over the weekend and visited Casa Loma. I enjoyed taking my time meandering through this beautiful castle and is beautifully manicured grounds. I did not have my camera with me and I am so happy to see your layout. Will save as one of my Faves. Great photo template and layout!

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Wonderful photos and blending! I love the grid design - and LOL to Diane's comment about whether the Sir and Lady ever got lost in their home:)

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