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Moon Riding High - Fri 10/26

Moon Riding High - Fri 10/26

Apologies to poet Bryant for changing the word summer to autumn. Tried to make this brighter, but it just didn't come together that way, so I called it done. CC welcome.

ABL Farmstead Collection
AWI Styles Glitter Spray8202
ASO Fanciful
BHA CitySlick_SPEC_LampIllum-Shadow
BMU Bewitched
BMU Coastal
DMI Chip
DMI Edgy 3
Font:Hoefler Text
poem adapted from Wm C. Bryant

Details in EXIF

    This is just BEAUTIFUL!!. Thanks for participating in the challenge Betty!
    Your LO is so serene! Look how beautiful a simple LO can be. Love it!
    Great work... looks look a full moon over the fields you PHOTOGRAPHED! Great depth and colours and the shadowing on the wheat is just right...perfect quote too!
    I've missed seeing your special brand of elegant simplicity! This is fabulous and I love everything about it - the soft light, the golden moon lighting the wheat, the farm field, the quote, and especially the deep blue paper you've blended so well. Gorgeous!
    Yes this is just stunning! Love how your whole layout glows Betsy and your moon photo is lovely Gorgeoous blending and I like the quote (even changed!)
    Glad to see you posting again - wonderful page! :)
    So lovely. Love the amber feel of the light of the moon on your layout. Its a beautiful poem, and your photo is so pretty and still. Great job!
    Just lovely, very peaceful.
    Good to have you back! Great layout, beautiful photo. I love it. I can imaging this being in Texas.
    A beautiful moon photo. This is such a peaceful layout.
    this came out really well Bet. I like the feel of moonlight on the plough.