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The Lunar Effect


& 2012 Eden

The Lunar Effect

There's not much left of my photo of the moon here. I've cloned out a lot of dark tree branches to get a clear sky!

Photo: Wells Collection
brimm_city_1.png copy
brimm_city_2.png copy
brimm_city_4.png copy
brimm_city_4.png copy 2
sbd-hearts-ep (2).png
BMU_Brushset TimeTraveller
Fonts: Beauty School Dropout; ParisMatch Bright; Drive Thru; Lost Wages

    Hee hee this is fun!!! Love the city skyline with that naughty kitty trying to bat away the moon... your fonts are great too... this page made me smile and I have no problem at all with your cloning and removing - I love the effect you have here!
    What a fun layout! I love it! Made me giggle this morning - I love, love your buildings and that cat batting at the moon is just too cute! Great job with all of the effects here! Fabulous layout!
    Like jody - I had a big smile on my face looking at this. I like the cartoony - slightly spooky feel of the buildings and the neon signs.
    Fun page Eden! I love how the cat is reaching for the moon and I love the touches of neon colors. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    How clever! Love your cityscape with the brightly colored signs. Love it.
    Awesome Eden. Love kitty stretching and swatting at the moon! The city scene is so fun and broadway-esque. Love the lightening bolt and neon signs too!
    Eden this is just spectacular! I love what you did with your moon photo and how creative to have the cat playing with it as a ball! I really like your city and title, too. Super layout! :)
    It looks like you gave everyone big smiles today. :D Wonderful layout! Great moon photo and I love, love, love the city scene you created. The cat is adorable. By the way, I am intrigued by names of your fonts -- too funny!
    Seriously cute and fun!