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Sat. Color Challenge - Pink

Sat. Color Challenge - Pink

In memory of my older sister, Harriet, who passed away October 20, 1994 at the age of 54. I purchased the mug a few years back, and the bracelet was a gift from my best friend Lynne. She is my sister in my heart. <3


SNU_FleaMkt (Oct. 2012 SG Club Kit)

    Your LO brought tears to my eyes!!! So beautiful--I like the sheet music in the background--adds some soul. The bracelet and mug together make a beautiful statement. How touching!!! I too lost my sister in 2000, and one from which you never recover. Here's to memories that we harbor in our hearts of Harriet and Melanie!
    This is lovely! Beautiful design. It's something that has touched all our lives, I believe.
    Love this! What a treasured memory. I love the way you framed the photo. The mug and bracelet together make a great photo!! Thank you for participating!
    Beautifully touching layout. Love your soft pinks and faded background paper. Great photo too!
    Lovely Becky - your layout touched my heart. I love your photo and the fancy way you framed and embellished it with the pretty doily. Beautiful page and remembrance.
    Oh my, not only is this beautiful, but has so much meaning. I love the way you tucked the photo in the great black & cream frame, the faint pink in the gorgeous background paper, and the bright pink photo backing.
    This is precious, Becky. It touches me close to my heart since I, too, lost my sister to breast cancer - in 2009. I love how you have the photo sticking out of the frame, rather than just "in" a frame. Gives it a lot of interest.
    Goodness, this is so touching and beautifully done. What a lovely way to honor your sister's memory.
    What a wonderful tribute to your sister. This speaks volumes - the closeup of the mug and bracelet are a poignant picture. Beautiful and compelling.
    I so agree with Bet, that photo is almost hypnotic... It is so clear and really makes a powerful statement... Embellishing with Flea Market like you did adds to the photo- nostalgia and beauty- wonderful for a tribute page... I am so sad reading all your stories of losing sisters to this nasty disease, these ladies are the ones Marilyn refers to in HER layout and whom I personally thank for helping get me through my own bc, they paved the way... Wonderful page Becky x