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October swap for Sara left

October swap for Sara left

I had a great time working with your photos Sara, hope you'll like it!

Credit goes to:
Elisha Barnett Chesapeake Collection
Jo Corne Under the boardwalk
Amanda Fraijo-Tobin Absolutely blended
Brandy Murry Styles Blue
Amanda Fraijo-Tobin (Sok) Styles Opalescent glass

    Beautiful photos and you did a beautiful job scrapping them for Sara, I am sure she will love it!
    This is a great two pager! Love the colors, so very "beachy". I'll bet these get frames and displayed in a prominent place!
    Oh, Lena - this is so beautiful - brought tears to my eyes when I saw it! I can't tell you how much I love what you've done! LOVE the background and the way the photos pop from it and the seashell cluster is gorgeous! You did the most wonderful job with this - I am so impressed and you can count on me framing these and hanging them in my house!

    And honest.......I did tear up when I saw this! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!
    Wow! Lena, these are lovely! The cluster on this page is beautiful and the simplicity of the two pages really makes the photos shine. I also like your treatments on the words.
    Spectacular, Lena! Gorgeous background, I really like the blending. The curled frames look great, too. Wonderful quote and that is a really pretty shell cluster as well. Great photos of your family as well, Sara!
    oh wow Lena, this looks fantastic...love the clustering with the headline but TOTALLY love how you have blended the papers...beautiful layout
    What a great cluster between the photos! Great two pager!
    Love the cluster, beautiful two pager Lena.
    Love the color scheme!
    Beautiful colours Lena - wonderful photos Sara