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Saturday Color Challenge 10/27& Hybrid ATC: PINK Heroes


I hope my fellow Hybrid ATC'ers forgive me for posting this early, but I really wanted to get it in on our "Pink" day. Our October Hybrid theme was "Seasons" and I was trying to think of something other than the usual natural four. These cards are what resulted. The following journaling was included with my card:

"While looking for a different slant on the usual four 'seasons', I realized that October is "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month". I thought about how not very long ago a breast cancer diagnosis was close to a death sentence. Yet now -- after years of research and learning -- so much advancement has been made in treating it. It popped into my mind that October is truly a "Season of Hope" these days.

The tiny pink ribbon attached to your ATC was crocheted by my 89-year-old aunt who is a two-time breast cancer survivor and still going strong. I made this card in honor of all the brave women who have battled this disease - both those who courageously survived and those who helped get us to where we are now, but were diagnosed in a time when it was not as treatable. You are all heroes..."


For the hybrid part of my card: I added an iridescent shine to the heart and pink glitter to the word "HOPE". I tied the crocheted ribbon to the punched hole on top and glued a pink ribbon ribbon down the left side of the card.

For the digital ATC I used:

PJO Jif 6 Courageously Pink

SNU Brush Set: Painted

and for the layout I added:

BMU Dynamic Brush Set: Background Blenders

ASO SS Styles: Glitter Glows 6401

SNU Brush Set: Stenciled Doilies

BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers Biggie

Photo Information for Saturday Color Challenge 10/27& Hybrid ATC: PINK Heroes

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Marilyn, you know this courage only too well so I know these are from your heart, my friend. What heartfelt and beautiful ATC's and I love the layout you've made with them. Beautifully done Marilyn - what a special lady you are!

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Wow - I've been thinking of how I would scrap today's challenge and the word HOPE kept going through my mind as I wanted to honor my good friend who is going through chemo and radiation right now. Your card and post were exactly what I wanted to express - you did it so well. Thanks for your articulate insight, courage and wonderfully hopeful outlook. You inspire in so many ways!

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This is sooo fabulous in so many ways!! Firstly as a bc patient your journalling was superb, you captured the spirit and braveness of others before me and those traveling with me perfectly... Your aunt is an amazing woman, this must have touched her so... She made all these little pink ribbons at 89!, what a wonderful survivor :-), and your card... It is gorgeous... Hopeful and light and bright and just beautiful... I am truly touched by the love and admiration I see here and applaud your creativity... Wow...

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This is lovely, Marilyn! Such thoughtful journaling and a wonderful monochrome layout. I especially like the lacy heart. And how wonderful to have the pink ribbon from your great aunt.

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Beautiful ATC and beautiful layout Marilyn. I love all the shades of pink, and you know I love the ribbon crocheted by your aunt. It's just wonderful!

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I'm not even sure what to say! LOVE love LOVE your journaling. You said everything so well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love that you included the the crocheted ribbon that your Aunt made. So SPECIAL! I like that you incorporated your cards into a layout. Love the heart on the background and the stitching around the edges. Did I say I love it??? Thanks Marilyn.


(is now when I say it brought tears to my eyes?)

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Wow! Marilyn this is AMAZING!!! I can't even begin to list everything I like, but believe me when I say this one made me cry. Thank you for sharing!

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