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Everyday Biscuits


© 2012, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Everyday Biscuits

Although this recipe calls them "Everyday," my family thinks it's special any time I make biscuits. There's something about fresh, hot biscuits that really appeals to them.

Enjoyed using Laura Louie's "From The" brushes with Syndee Nuckles' Flea Market.

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    Yummmm...your biscuits sound good with apple butter as you direct -- right out of the oven!!! My boys will love them, Barbara!

    Love your "From the Kitchen of"....adds a nice touch to your recipe card! I'm sure others are like me and appreciate knowing who submitted the recipe!! This stands out!
    Biscuits are a staple here, Barbara and your recipe sounds so good! I love the smell of baking biscuits! Beautiful card and I love your stamp with "from the kitchen of..." Beautifully done!
    These look so easy! A "must try"! I love your card, with all the little decorations and the brush adds just the right finishing touch!
    Love this card. You are right, hot biscuits are a real treat. Love Laura's "from the" brush. I must dig that out and use it.
    We always loved when my Mom made biscuits, too and you're right Barbara - it made any meal a special occasion! Your recipe sounds yummy and your card is so pretty. Your brush signature looks great. :)
    Gorgeous card Barbara. I really like how you used the pennants. My family loves it when I make biscuits too.
    I have never been brave enough to try making biscuits. I should use this recipe and try. Great looking card.
    Very pretty card, and the recipe looks good. It would be a special moment if I ever made biscuits. :P
    I've been looking for good biscuit recipes so I'm so glad to be getting your card. I love the pennant! Nicely done!
    I love this card! The colors are beautiful and the banner flags are the perfect decorative touch!