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Rebuilding After The Storm


I was looking out my bedroom window earlier and I noticed this little squirrel scampering around on the branches. I watched him run along some branches, rip some leaves off and then scamper back up the tree. He returned to the crevice in the branch right outside my window and disappeared. He reappeared again after a few moments and scampered down the tree again. He did this a few times and I realized that he was rebuilding his nest. I managed to get a few photos of him as he was doing this. He looked so cute with the leaves in his mouth.



Supplies Used:

TKA Autumn Falls Collection -- Paper-Red Ridges

DEB Autumn Elegance Collection -- Alphas

EBA Autumn Joy Collection -- Butterfly, Leaves

COL Autumn Potpourri Collection -- Leaves

Photo Information for Rebuilding After The Storm

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Oh this is so sweet Carol! Wonderful photos and it was great that you were able to get them of the cute little guy. I love how you placed the leaves around the page too. DH and I love to watch the squirrels when we see them in our yard. Great page!

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Oh, my......even our little critters have to re-build! You captured a great shot of this little guy rebuilding. Do you think that he got as frustrated as we humans do when we have to rebuild? Beautiful title colors! Love the black and white snapshots! You capture the best photos!

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Carol, this is fabulous. I'm so glad you got the photos of this industrious little critter. All of us creatures have to pitch and clean up and rebuild when nature goes on a rampage. Glad you are snug inside and ok.

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