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tuesday Freebie Across the Years


Hilary Locke

tuesday Freebie Across the Years

I believe these people to be my 3 x great grandparents!

I am at present trying to piece together my paternal side of the family tree. We know nothing about the family at all so I have to rely on the information I find on a well known geneological website. Today these 2 faces popped out at me from my computer screen - their names and dates seem to tally so I am prepared to believe (almost!) that I have images of my great great great grandparents. TFL


    How marvelous! This is stunning, a real treasure. Love your word art and the pair of spectacles. Wonderful LO.
    How wonderful to find them and with photos, no less. Love bg and word art besides the whole thing.
    Wonderful page! Wouldn't it be cool if these two really were related to you? I like the glasses and stitching, too.
    Amazing! I hope they truly are your great, great.... grandparents! How cool.
    I love the old-fashioned look you gave to the page, especially with the darkened edge. The glasses make a perfect embellishment!
    Great story! I love how you did your LO with the glasses!
    Neat! I love genealogy (when other people do it :disappearing-smilie: ), it's so fun to find out about your past. I like the old-fashioned feel to the layout.
    I love old family photos. I need to get them scanned so I can use them. Great job on this
    Wonderful heritage photo's & lovely page