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Things My Mother Taught Me

Things My Mother Taught Me

I saw this on Pinterest and it was so true for me that I just had to scrap it. I think my Mom at one time or another made everyone of these comments to me!! It brought back some wonderful memories of my mother. I only wish I had a photo of her to scrap with it.

A Birdie Told Me by Mandy King a blog freebie; Freebooter Script & Georgia font.

    It's beautiful! I love the fan with the 12 things and love how you've journaled with the pretty blue note - blues and browns compliment each other so beautifully in your layout! Gorgeous layout!
    Yes, it's beautiful. I love the blues & browns, the flowers and the scallops. But the lessons are priceless - especially the principles you assigned to each. Osmosis, indeed! These are not quite the lessons my mother taught me; she taught me Latin for two summers, because our school didn't offer it, and she was determined I would learn Latin. And she often said, "Don't fight the problem. Solve it." However, #12 I repeatedly said to my DD, and now I hear it coming out of her mouth. There is justice in the world!
    Fantastic page way to do all the journaling!!
    How unique to arrange this 12 sayings, cool!
    Wow this is a fabulous LO. I absolutely love your journaling, it is so unique and the effect is just beautiful!
    What a unique way to journal. Yes, those are all things that mothers love to say. Beautiful layout.
    Such a fun way to show off the sayings. Nice job. Love all the papers and trims. You put a lot of work into this layout.

    Not only is the layout visually beautiful, it's so clever and my mother loves it as much as I do.  Everything about it is cool and it's funny too.  Right on!