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October - Flea Market Kit - My Rocking Chair

October - Flea Market Kit - My Rocking Chair

Journaling: Remember when I told you I wanted a rocking chair? It was a few weeks before our first baby was born.
And you asked me why I needed a rocker. I think I must have been a little surprised by your question. Didn't all new
mothers need a rocker? As I tried to tell you how necessary I felt it was to have this rocker and how important it was
to be able to rock our baby in it, you said- My Mother didn't have a rocker. I told you that my Mother did and I also
needed one. You then told me that I needed to give you 10 reasons why I needed it. For days we went back and forth
about getting a rocking chair. And I eventually came up with my list of 10 reasons for needing one. I don't remember
what they all were. I just knew how much I wanted one so that I could cuddle and rock my baby.

Our baby arrived and we still had no rocking chair. But when our little one was five days old you took me out on a date
to get me out of the house. We ended up at a furniture store that had the perfect rocker. We paid something like
$29.95 for it and for us that was a small fortune. I was so excited to have it! You had intended to get me a rocker all
along and you were just teasing me about it all that time. I rocked five baby boys in this rocker before it literally fell
apart and could not be repaired. Today, if you were to ask me why I needed a rocker, I think my answer would be~

Because my "mother's heart" sings love to my babies when I rock them in my rocking chair.

Kit: Flea Market - SNU
Ultimate Grunge Brush Set - ASO
Fonts: Porcelain, Landsdowne and one other that I used for the dollar sign and numbers but can't
remember which font it was.

    Wow, Jan......what a beautiful, poignant story about your rocking chair! I'm all teary-eyed and remembering that I, too had to have a rocking chair. How can one have a baby without a rocking chair! Your layout is just fabulous - the composition perfect and your journaling is written from your heart. Beautiful story - beautiful layout. I loved it.
    Sara's said it all! Jan this is lovely!
    What a special page! I love the story you have preserve in such a lovely format.
    Jan, this is so beautiful and touching!
    I'd love to own a rocking chain like that. Great memory page. Love all the journaling and the story. Wonderful page.
    How beautiful and touching! Thanks so much for sharing!
    What a great story and layout!
    Okay, now I'm crying . .. . .