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Toil & Trouble Oct - costumes

Toil & Trouble Oct - costumes

Jaymee and her friends are so busy with school projects they had no time for costumes. Jaymee announced her costume was "night and a flashlight." So here it is.

EBA_Via Dolorosa Masks
BMU Bewitched
DMI Edgy
EBA Unkindness
AFT Antique Edges

Details in EXIF

    Oooooh scary and mysterious - love it Bet!
    Perfect. I love the tree and ravens
    The deep wine is the perfect spooky background ~ love this! :o
    ^^^ above is supposed to be a spooky emoticon, but didn't work out so well, lol. :D
    Jeepers Creepers.....that's spoooky! Great background blending and love the grungy edges. So very "Blair-Witch-Project"!
    Very cool layout! I love the tree and raven overlay. What a spooky feeling you've created.
    I love it! The grungy border is perfect for that eerie, spooky look of your photo! I think the girls came up with a very creative costume! LOL Love the blended tree in the background - it's just spooky all in itself! Beautifully done, Betty!
    Love the tree and the blended photo
    Super cool and spooky. I love it! Those girls had the right idea. :lol:
    This is awesome, Bet! Very spooky:)