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Monday Chocolate Challenge Oct 29

Ah, such an addiction! I used COL Brownie Collection plus an empty bag of my chocolate stash!

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:going-crazy: Great poem Sara & layout - YUM! - I was wondering what you were working on... I'm going to have to come back with my CHOCOLATES after this one!! :giggle_bear:

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How fun,Sara. I know your pain (I've been known to hide my chocolate.) Love your humor and whimsey.

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Oh no! Not only did you have to share, but you lost a perfectly good hiding place! This is too funny, Sara, and I LOVE your poem. Love the card, too, especially that rich dark chocolate background. OK.. now I'm hungry!

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This is so classic on so many levels, Sara! You are SO creative! (at least Rich saved you from all the calories...) Thanks for joining in this week's Monday challenge!

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