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HippieSon(Template challenge)


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HippieSon(Template challenge)

For SG template challenge
SG_Refresh2_SSDLO_4x6 template (combined 2)
gunhildstoreide_velvet ribbons
armina_iwannabe_flair1.peace symbol
MMDC peacefulfeeling_wordart
Font:Never Let Go

    What a great costume! I lvoe the peace signs and your photos are fabulous!
    Great page. I love the photos and fun costume!
    Great job combining the 4x6 templates into a larger page! I'm glad you found some a template in your stash to use for the challenge.
    Noah has a groovy costume! I like all the peace signs, beads, and bright colors you used on the layout.
    Thanks for joining!
    Adorable photos and I love how you combined the templates. Great layout!
    Not sure about the glasses, but otherwise, he looks pretty authentic (not that I remember or anything). I like those hanging elements - such a neat touch.
    Oh my goodness Debi what a fun layout - I love the cool colors you used, the peace signs AND all of Noah's really cool hippie photos!