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DSD Only in Digital

DSD Only in Digital

I used the following digital only things: shadows, change both size and shape, made something transparent, used watercolor filter, outer glow, bevel, UNDO, candle glow, and was able to embed info on both supplies, date and subject onto the file.

See exif for supplies

    You used lots of digital-only items on your layout! Good for you!! I love the ghostly effect on the left photo. Great extraction too! Was this his Halloween costume??
    Thanks for joining the chat and challenge!

    P.S. I like how you listed using UNDO as part of the layout ;)
    Creepy LO -- that spider made me scream a little. :)
    Creepy and spooky. Well done!
    Spooky and very cool! LOL to Jennifer screaming at the spider
    Great use of tons of digi-only things!
    What a cool costume and layout! I love your embellishments! Undo is my very favorite feature of digiscrapping!
    Wow - super spooky page and so creative. Wonderful work!
    Nice job on the mirror. Sorry, can't stay on scary pages long.
    Pam what a cool layout - I love the way you did your title, great extraction AND I love the ghost in the cave door --- great layout!