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Photo Manipulataion - Blue Lobster

Photo Manipulataion - Blue Lobster

The layout is pretty simple, only used a few things, but there was quite a bit of photo manipulation going on: HSV stretch and White Balance filters, then I desaturated the background. For that matter, the frame was altered with the Hue/Saturation tool.

I used:
Created with GIMP

I told you I only used a few things. I did have fun making the color layer behind the paper template.

    Amazing work on your photo, I love your simple page. Thanks for joining the chat and challenge.
    Very cool photo! I love all the color effects and the arrangement on your page. Thanks for letting us know how you did it.
    What a cool photo! I don't think I've ever seen a blue lobster. I really like that frame!
    Wow, Aggie - super work on this page. I love the blue LOBSTER and how you emphasized him. I also really like your framing and pretty background - just wonderful! :)
    Oh my goodness Aggie what a cool layout - I love your background layers AND I love your circle highlighting your blue lobster!