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Many faces of Me(photo manipulation)


© debikins

Many faces of Me(photo manipulation)

blue round alpha freebie (designer unknown)

    Love it! Love all of the different photo techniques!
    Love all the different photo techniques you used and the simple arrangement of them. Thanks for joining the chat and challenge.
    This is a cool LO!! What a great idea to share with all of us! I like the collection you chose to use!
    This is wonderful! You look great and I love your idea of showing the same photo with so many different effects. Very cool.
    Love this! Such a clever, cool and creative page! Great photo of you and love all the different effects:)
    I love all the different effects you created! What a beautiful photo of yourself!
    Cool page, deb! Love seeing all the versions of "you" - and you did a great job!
    What a neat assortment of techniques. And you even documented them - great job. I may put this into my favorites so I can refer to it.
    Very cool layout Debi - I love all the techniques you used on your beautiful photo!