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More pictures from Italy -- this time from Pompeii. I used a suggestion, given in the chat, of putting a paper in the center, so that it expands over both pages. In this case, I blended it into the bg paper. Thanks for a fun chat!


DEB_MemOrange_Paper_7 andEmb_Swirl;






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The story of Pompeii has always captured my interest! Great perspectives from which you captured the photos. I'm enjoying your trip! Must have been fabulous!

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This looks fabulous! I am loving all the photos from your trip. These are wonderful and great journaling about Pompeii!

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Oh, just lovely Diane! SO neat seeing you and I really like how your double paper looks. Wonderfully beautiful layout.

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Your blending looks awesome and the center paper makes this look like one big layout. Pretty vine you used to frame it. Love seeing the photos from Italy. Pompeii is one of the places I'd like to see someday.

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