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TEMPLATES Chat: Happy Birthday Jo!

I am not a big fan of templates, but Tiza has inspired me at times to experiment, have fun and try them. For this layout I used a Christmas template - this was originally a Christmas tree! I turned off the garland and the star and made it into birthday cake! It was fun to show my aunt's special family Easter birthday at a fancy restaurant. Who knew I could be so versatile?

For this layout I used:

MRE Digital Layout Templates: Golden Memories

BMU Dazzle Collection Biggie

BMU B Sweet Collection Biggie

MRE Starbright

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I LOVE that you altered the Christmas template into a birthday cake!! So creative!! You will be a template pro before you know it ;) I like the glitter "sprinkles" on the cake, your glittery title, and the pretty pastel color palette. Thanks for joining the chat and challenge.

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Wow! Marilyn, you are quite versatile! I totally thought birthday cake when I saw this. Christmas tree never crossed my mind. Well done!

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Marilyn what a cool use of this template --- I love the way you did your title with all the glitter, the candle coming out the top of the photo AND serving as your I AND I love all of your precious Aunts Easter birthday photos!

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Who knew, indeed! I have this template, but what a different look - the bright colors make it a happy birthday layout. Love the colors! Looks like a good time was had by a really big crew!.

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