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convicted/connected? (color challenge)


© debikins

convicted/connected? (color challenge)

created the cellblock colorswatch for this LO
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    Cute! Love the photos and I like how you've layered everything. :)
    Great page! I love the photos and the frames. Great use of the colors from your swatches. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    This is so clever! Love The photos and the story your page tells.
    What a fun page. You have included some interesting embellishments that are nice to discover as you really look into the page.
    What fun photos! You must have so much fun with the boys!
    lol...that is a great costume! I like your little Monopoly card in the bottom corner.
    What a fun layout - I love all the layers AND Owen's mug shots!
    Great costume! Fun layout with all the little jokes tucked around.