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An Angel Among Us (DSD Photo Manipulation)

An Angel Among Us (DSD Photo Manipulation)

Okie i know this is late for the prize but i had a crazy weekend and only just finished this up on Monday morning! Will just post it anyway to join in the fun!

This is another layout from my kindergarten concert series, and when my friend emailed me the photo, he had already done some digital manipulation on it, accenting the red tones and desaturating the rest of the colours to make the three little girls stand out. (i THINK that is what he said.) i further 'enhanced' it by applying a Photoshop style called 'Colourful Centre' which basically uses a gradient overlay to gradually desaturate the colours from the centre photo, leaving the centre of the photo coloured and the edges almost black and white. This nicely draws attention to the star of the layout, which is of course my sweet little daughter in her concert costume. =P (They are 'singing' along to the concert finale song, the classic Thank You God. The concert theme is A Grateful Heart.)

Photo credit: Charles Goh. All supplies in EXIF. As for the caption above, the photographer's wife (both of them dear friends of ours) had initially posted the photo on her Facebook with the caption "she looks like an angel surrounded by homosapiens here..."

Thanx for looking!

    Very sweet photo and layout. I love your background, too. :)
    Awww...what a sweet photo (and amazing costumes!). Nice job on the photo manipulations.
    How sweet! I love the way you did the title and the photo is so adorable!
    Wow this is beautiful! I love the photo manipulations that you (and your friend) did. I am saving this in my favorites to try and replicate that effect!!
    I love what you've done with the photo; it's quite magical.
    Cute cute cute! :)
    Beautiful photo, she looks so sweet and cute. I love the colours you used and the embellishments.
    This came out wonderfully. Love what you did with the photo and the pretty background papers and embellishments. I too want to try that effect some day!
    Wow! This is so beautiful. The color effects are delightful, and your layout really shows them beautifully. Wonderful page!
    PS - Cute costumes!
    What a precious layout - I love the way you did your title, the soft colors AND the effects on your adorable photo!