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Journalling: We got together in mid-October to celebrate Josh’s, Dani’s, Jon’s, and Jack’s birthdays. Fall around here means donuts-and-cider and bobbing-for-apples. So, we put candles in their donuts and served Caramel Apple Supremes (or just regular apple cider for those that didn’t like hot drinks). We also did bobbing-for-apples, the no-germ version. We suspended apples from the ceiling and told the kids the only rule was they couldn’t use their hands. Alex was the first to figure out how to use her shoulder. Dani and Eddie decided to work together.


Step #1: CK-Sept2011-SketchTemplate, Flipped template horizontal and turned off a couple layers;


Step #2 Supplies used: I used the blending modes color burn and darken along with

Amanda McGee--AMC_SS_Paper_ModMosaic2_Circles-2 (retired);

Syndee Nuckles--Picturesque Collection;

Ang Campbell--Brush Set: Rough It Up;


Step #3 Supplies used: Syndee Nuckles--Picturesque Collection, opacity 75%;


Step #4: font--FG Cathie's Hand;


Step #5 Supplies used: 8 staples from Syndee Nuckles--ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Torn and Stapled; (I actually recolored the alpha in my title)


Step #6 Supplies used: Syndee Nuckles--Picturesque Collection;


Other supplies used: Mandy Steward--ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Inked Edges 1801 Mini;

Brandy Murray--Action Pack: Mega Lift PS;

Sarah Batdorf--Basic Shadows 6501

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Great job on the challenge, Monica! I love all the photos you used and the background paper is great!

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I can't believe you go so much done in the speed scrap. I love that background paper and those photos are so much fun.

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So cute Monica! Love your great photos and your background is just perfect - like the apples on the string. Looks like a fun time was had by all! :)

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What neat ideas for the party - the candles in the donuts & the upside down bobbing. The circles on a string in the background look really neat.

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