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October Scrap Simple Club LO 1

I especially like all the positive words and the wonderful affirmations in this month's Club. I feel like printing them all out and taping them to the 'fridge! :D Here's DGS playing at the park.


KSC_SSPaper_Flair_SmallPattern and Flair_Lattice;






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Love the blended chicken wair (gosh just typed "wire" with a southern accent!) Gorgeous blues and stitching. A lively boy's layout!

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This so cheerful! For me, the red stitching mimics the movements that this happy little guy must have had during his play. Great job.

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SUPER page, Diane! That little guy is so sweet and just radiates all your positive messages and entusiasm. I am continued to be in awe of your use of SS products - you are the best advertisement for the club and use it so well and beautifully... Wonderful layout - great work! :)

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He is just the cutest!!! What a wonderful, happy page to go with that happy child. Super photo. Love the affirmations and great use of them here. Love all the vertical work on your page to mirror the poles in the picture. Love the flags. Fantastic work with templates, Diane! Congrats on your NL win! Well deserved!

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