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While the 'noreaster was blowing yesterday, I took some photos from my bedroom window. The snow was falling fast and heavy and before you knew it, it had covered the tree in front of my window. These are some of the photos that I took. The bottom left photo I took just minutes after a little cat was walking across the snow following my friend Elaine. She knew that Elaine had food in her satchel and it was for her.



Supplies Used:

SNU Winters Hush Collection Mini -- Paper-Hush, Butterflies

KSC Beautiful Winter Emb Mini -- Swirls and Snowflakes Emb

DEC 2006 Special Set 3 -- SG 12 Days -- USC Snowflakes

DCA Snow Fun Collection -- Alphas

TCS Creative Cat Collection -- Cat Walking

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Oh my, Carol, you have had every kind of weather this year. Let's hope things moderate for you, but it does make for great photo ops. Love your photos - especially the cat - and the lovely swirls that look like wind blowing the snow around. Very pretty page.

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