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Movember ATC


Hilary Locke

Movember ATC

I couldnt resist getting the 2 of the world's most famous moustaches involved in the campaign!
Photograph of Salvador Dali and painting by Salvador Dali from internet




    I love how you did the quote, fantastic card.
    Fabulous! Your card could be the poster card for Movember! Love it!
    Really cute card, his moustache looks like mine....bwahaha
    I really like the card and the quote is wonderful. Love the alpha you used.
    Too funny! I really like the mix of fonts you used in your quote.
    I'd recognize that mustache anywhere! Too funny. I love your surreal background, too. This is great! :D
    Such a wonderful ATC Hilary! I love your idea and how you executed. Super work! :)
    What a creative and great card ... love it!!
    Hilary this is awesome --- love this card!
    Fabulous! This is so clever. I love it!